Supply Chain

The supply chain is a complex network that requires quick, efficient and continuous connections between each step of the entire management process.
The experience we have gained over the years allows us to offer ourselves to the customer as a single, competent and reliable interface for the management of all logistics needs.
The desire to improve, to be ready for the present and future challenges of globalization and the consequent high levels of required innovation give constantly a boost to the revision and updating of our management systems.

Analysis and strategy

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the logistics industry, we are able to be an excellent partner for all our clients.
We continually listen to our customers and analyze the demand of our business sector trying to understand the exact customers’ needs and developing customized solutions for everyone.
Turning needs into successful experiences is our goal.

Our main logistics services

– INBOUND – Quality control and compliance – Barcode reading

– STORAGE – Positioning with localization

– OUTBOUND – Carton selection – Single item selection – Optimized shipment composition

– DISTRIBUTION – Express delivery

– B2B or B2C – European express parcel or LTL services

– REVERSE LOGISTICS – Defective goods – Spare parts – End-of-season returns

– IT SOLUTIONS – Adaptable and flexible WMS – KPI sharing

Additional services 

– Kitting – Labeling – Re-packing – Re-working – Custom bonded warehouse

Our main warehouses

– Broni (PV) – 20,000 sqm, 15,000 pallet places

– Arese (MI) – 15,000 square meters, 10,000 pallet places

– Bonate (BG) – 8,000 square meters, 2,000 pallet places

– Pisa – 11,000 square meters, 8,500 pallet places

– Leghorn – 3,000 square meters, cross docking services